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Big Bend Florida Sportsman Guide

Fishing Tips


Reel Tips 


More Drag for your small Reels

Thanks to Baitrunner.

To get a few more drag pounds out of you Penn star drag reels replace the fiber washer that sits under the main gear with a drag washer (HT100, not the metal type). Really easy to do, just slide your main gear and the drag stack off the sleeve and replace the fiber washer that sits under the main gear on the ratchet with the drag washer. You may need to trim it down it down a bit so it doesn't affect the works of the dog/ratchet. Adds a nice boost to the lock down capabilities of the smaller Penn reels.


Extra Spools for your Spinning Reels.   Pre-Rig Them.

If you use a super-braid line with Fluorocarbon leader, it makes sense to me to have several pre-rigged spare spools for your reel. If you loose a leader, it is a heck of a lot easier and faster to change spools than to re-rig on the boat.


Prevent Reel Rash With Bungees

A strategically located Bungee cord can be used to hold your rods in place while running.  They will keep your reels from sliding across the deck.  Ball Bungees really work well in this application.  It takes only seconds to secure your rods when you get ready to run.