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Big Bend Florida Sportsman Guide

Fishing Tips


Knot Tips 


Adding a Leader to Power-Pro or Other Braids

The best way I have found (and this is definitely not an original thought) to add a Mono or Fluoro leader to braided line is a little of a pain in the *** but worth the pain. 

First, double your line with a Bimini, Spider Hitch or Surgeonís Loop.   

Second, lay your leader along side your line for about 6Ē and attach with a 3-4 turn Surgeonís Knot.  FYI, the Surgeonís Knot is nothing but an overhand knot with one or more e*x*t*r*a passes through the loop.  The lighter the line/leader, the more passes. 


Cable Tie Knot

I use the Cable Tie Knot in several applications.  It works great in 7-strand wire, 49 strand wire (aircraft cable) and even in your winch cable or winch strap.  Iíd definitely use this knot for temporary fixes on cable and winch straps, though. 

Hereís how:  Take the bitter end 2 passes through your hooks eye (keep these loops open)

then around the standing end and back through the 2 loops at the hook eye.  Tighten.  Also shown is winch strap tied with the same knot.  Multi-strand insulated wire used to tie these knots


Quick Release Anchor Knot

If you fish in an area where anchoring is a little hazardous, or when you fish for large and strong fish and need to follow them in a hurry, this is a knot you need to know.   

In the illustrations below, the anchor will be at the eye splice and there will be a float on the other end of the line.  It was raining this morning so I had to improvise for the illustration.  The PVC pipe hanger serves as a bow eye for illustration purposes.  I shot the pics in Sharonís Kitchen.   

Here is how to tie the QUICK RELEASE KNOT. 

First, grasp the anchor line and pass it doubled through the bow eye as shown below.

Next, grasp the line on the other side of the bow eye and double it then pass it through the loop formed in the previous step.

The QUICK RELEASE KNOT is completely tied in the above step.  The pic below shows the knot cinched up but not completely tightened.

The loose line in the foreground has a float on the top end.  By pulling on the float end, the knot unties and you can get away from your anchor in an instant.