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Big Bend Florida Sportsman Guide

Jack Crevalle

 yes grilled jacks are great

Author Brent 

This is not a joke! I can't fathom the reason why noone trys this fish! I guess I am lucky no one  told me not to eat it when I got my first one home. When I took the filet knife to it I thought it would be a white meat as I thought they were related to the pompano or permit. Boy what a shock it looked like bonito meat! Well I thought I might go sharking that night. But the wife said "I am not cooking tonight since you caught such a nice size fish for dinner". I guessed she would hate it due to the fact that she won't eat kingfish because it tastes "fishy" even though she loves wahoo and the other pelagics I bring home from offshore. I broke out the butter milk like I do for Black tip shark. Much to my surprise after a couple hours in the b.milk it was a nice light pink color and the milk was red! I season all my fish the same. Alot of garlic powder, a little pepper, after a little rub down with the olive oil then on to grill it goes for as short a time as possible to flake with a fork. She told all she could about the best fish she had tasted. She did not remember the type of fish at the time and when she started telling those people what it was, she got the funniest looks. I feel 9 out of 10 folks who say it is inedible have only heard that from someone else. there was even an article in Florida Sportsman kitchen about jack recipes but they looked to goumet for my simpleton cooking methods!