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All this rain has turned the water black again in the Hatch, I hope it doesn't ***** up the scalloping again this year. Water is black in Dead Man Bay. Sad
Gainesville Sun quotes Sea Hag as saying the water is clear shallow.

They lie!
It has been a couple weeks but I keep seeing rain moving through the area, going up tonight, will see. Opens this week end but I won't scallop until July. I will check the water though.
2 weeks ago I went fishing out of Dallus creek and the entire flats area outside the creek all the way out to the bar was heavily stained and very dark water, I also fished Rocky creek and it had stained water at the mouth of the creek but, wasn't bad beyond that. I did not get back to Dallus this weekend but, others told me that the bird rack is clear all the way to Keaton Beach. Rocky creek looked pretty good too from there south. Water is not in that bad of shape, so far.
Went out of Stienhatchee this past WE like always and the water was horrible. Went south to pepperfish and I took the flag and stuck it in the water and it just disappeared it was so cloudy and murky, then went north to big grassy, water was clear but heavily stained, we ended up not taking any scallops home we got so few. I think people were getting some but it was late by the time we started to find any we gave up.

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