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FWC Enforcement Report May 18-24. All Regions

Officer Manning received information that an individual caught a large oversized red drum and put it in his vehicle at the Fort Pickens Pier. Officer Manning got a detailed vehicle description and contacted a ranger with the National Park Service. The ranger stopped the individual while he was trying to exit the park. Officer Manning arrived and the individual was found in possession of a 35-inch red drum. The legal slot size is from 18 to 27 inches. The individual was issued a notice to appear citation for the violation.


Officers Pifer and Corbin were on vessel patrol conducting boating safety and resource protection in the Destin Pass. The officers saw a vessel returning from the Gulf of Mexico displaying fishing gear. During the boating safety stop, the officers determined the vessel was returning from a fishing trip. The fisheries inspection revealed three undersized gray triggerfish. The operator was issued a notice to appear citation.

Officer Corbin received a complaint of a derelict vessel in the Santa Rosa Sound near the complainant’s residence. The officer located a pontoon boat and documented that the boat does not have a means of propulsion and is substantially dismantled because it does not have a motor, helm (steering), or any seats. The vessel does not have a battery or any means to remove water (bilge pump). The vessel’s registration expired 6/30/2014 and the boat did not have the required navigational light present at night. Officer Corbin located the registered owner from the vessel’s registration. The owner was issued a notice to appear citation.

Officer Corbin was on land patrol conducting resource protection in the Fort Walton Beach area. The officer saw two individuals with fishing gear exit from their vehicle, enter an area posted as no trespassing, and begin to fish. At about 1:00 a.m., Officer Corbin saw one of the individuals catch a fish, return to the truck, and place it in the cooler. When the individual returned to the fishing spot, Officer Corbin approached their location to conduct a fisheries inspection. Both individuals did not a have a saltwater fishing license. Further, Officer Corbin saw open bottles of beer. Both individuals were under 21 years of age. They were cited for the violations and issued a notice to appear citation.

Officer Corbin was on vessel patrol conducting boating safety and resource protection in the Destin Pass. The officer saw a vessel returning from the Gulf of Mexico displaying rods and reels. Officer Corbin contacted the vessel’s operator and determined they were headed into the Destin Harbor to dock. The officer followed the vessel to the dock. Officer Corbin saw that the vessel displayed an expired Florida registration (January 2017). During the boating safety inspection, the officer determined that the operator was not the owner listed on the registration. The operator provided a bill of sale showing he purchased the vessel in 2015. The operator was cited and issued a notice to appear citation for failure to transfer title within 30 days from purchase.

Officer Corbin was on land patrol conducting resource protection at the Destin Bridge. The officer saw two individuals walking away from underneath the bridge with rods and reels and a cooler. Further, the officer saw what appeared to be a red drum tail sticking out of the cooler. The inspection of the cooler revealed an oversized red drum. Officer Corbin issued a citation for the violation.

Officers Pifer and Corbin were on vessel patrol conducting boating safety and resource protection in the Destin Pass. The officers saw a vessel returning from the Gulf of Mexico displaying rods and reels. During the safety inspection, the officers determined the operator purchased the vessel on 3/31/2018. The operator/owner failed to transfer the vessel’s title within 30 days. The owner was cited and issued a notice to appear citation.

Officer Jarvis received a call from U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) about a 911 call they received regarding a boat that ran soft aground on the beach just west of the West Jetties near the Destin Pass. The caller said that the operator who ran the vessel aground was highly intoxicated. Officer Maltais responded with the USCG by boat and Officer Jarvis responded by land through the Eglin Beach Park. Contact was made with the operator and passenger. Both were removed safely from the vessel and transported to USCG Station Destin. Officer Jarvis’ initial contact with the operator indicated signs of impairment. The operator performed field sobriety tasks which showed indicators of impairment. The operator was arrested for BUI. The operator provided a breath sample resulting in a 0.220 and 0.230. The subject was transported to the Okaloosa County Jail.


Officer Ramos, along with U.S. Coast Guard and a Pensacola Fire Rescue vessel, responded to a single vessel boating accident in Pensacola Bay. A family of four attempted to cross the rough bay in a small 14-foot boat when a large wave swamped the boat, sinking it. The two adults, four-year old, and nine-month old entered the extremely choppy water. Approximately 25 minutes later, a Good Samaritan saw the distressed swimmers and maneuvered his catamaran to rescue the family. He, along with guests onboard, retrieved the four persons from the water. The two children were wearing Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s), the 9-month-old was not breathing when taken out of the water. The Good Samaritan administered CPR on the infant and placed a distress call on his marine radio. A recovery vessel assisted by getting the distressed swimmers from the catamaran to a nearby dock where several EMS crews were standing by. The mother and baby were admitted to the hospital and released a few hours later.


Lieutenant Bridwell and Officer Griffis were preparing for water patrol in Duval County when dispatch relayed a complaint of a fight with a gun at “the sandbar” on the St. Mary’s River in Nassau County. Lieutenant Bridwell and Officer Griffis responded with lights and sirens, picking up Officer Griffis’ patrol vessel. They launched from Scott’s Landing Boat Ramp accompanied by Nassau County Deputies Smith and Cone. FWC Officers Gilmore, Hayes, Mandrick and Lentz also responded to help. An update came in that the subject involved with the fight left the sandbar and was operating his vessel towards Scott’s Landing Boat Ramp. The subject was identified by information provided and was stopped. During the vessel stop, the subject showed signs of impairment. Officer Griffis conducted field sobriety tests and determined the operator was impaired. During the stop, another Nassau County Sheriff’s Office vessel went to “the sandbar,” where, based upon interviews, they determined a gun was not brandished but the fight occurred between the subject and another individual who did not want to press charges. The subject was arrested for boating under the influence and booked into the Nassau County Jail where he provided a breath sample of 0.109 and 0.107.


Officer Christmas was on routine patrol when he contacted a subject fishing on railroad property located in Duval County. A resource inspection of his catch revealed one undersized red drum and 10 undersized black drum. The subject was issued citations for undersized red drum, undersized black drum, over the bag limit of black drum, trespass on railroad property and not having a valid fishing license. The fish were seized and photographed.


Lieutenant Wright and Officer Shearer responded to a call concerning an out-of-control vessel cutting circles on plane in Julington Creek. The vessel traveled four miles through three counties before striking the shore, ramping 20 feet into the air and landing in the backyard of a residence. The operator had been doing “donuts” in Julington Creek when he was ejected from the 25-foot twin engine boat. Since he wasn’t wearing a engine cut-off lanyard, the boat continued without him and was found with the throttles in the wide-open position at the scene of the crash. The operator was arrested at the scene for boating under the influence with property damage and provided a breath sample of .210 BAC.


Officers McDonald and Nichols investigated a wildlife alert tip about an individual who killed an alligator in a private pond and posed with it on Facebook. The officers went to the individual’s residence and contacted his girlfriend. She advised he killed the alligator with a garden tool she retrieved from a shed and then took pictures of them posing with the dead alligator. She volunteered to show the officers photos of the dead alligator. Later that day, Officer McDonald met with the subject who admitted to killing the 3-foot alligator. Charges for possession of alligator will be direct filed with the State Attorney’s Office.


Officer Albritton while on patrol was performing resource inspections near the Econfina River. During an inspection, a subject was found in possession of five spotted sea trout, with four undersized. A citation was issued for the possession of undersized spotted trout.

Officer Wilder and Albritton were on offshore patrol in federal waters, targeting gag grouper in closed season. Officer Albritton noticed a vessel coming in from federal waters offshore. Both officers made contact with the vessel’s occupants and found five gag grouper during the inspection. The officers seized the fish and the captain of the vessel was cited for possession of gag grouper during the closed season.

Officer Wilder was on was on offshore patrol targeting gag grouper in federal waters. Officer Wilder noticed a vessel about three miles into federal waters and contacted the occupants on board. Officer Wilder found three gag grouper with one undersized. The operator was a charter captain currently conducting a trip with customers on board. Officer Wilder seized all three gag grouper and charged the captain of the vessel with possession of gag grouper during the closed season and issued a warning for possession of undersized gag grouper.


Officer Gilmore attended and participated in a community outreach program at Ruth Upson Elementary School. He provided a display of his assigned patrol vehicle, vessel and an alligator. He talked to 438 students and teachers about the mission of the FWC as well as his daily routine and additional duties. He also stressed the importance of wildlife conservation and aspects of living with wildlife such as alligators and bears in Florida.


Officers Teal and Phillips investigated the illegal taking of a trophy buck on private lands. After a months-long investigation, which included a search warrant and submission of evidence to FDLE, the subject was arrested on a warrant for the appropriate violations.

Officers Phillips and Shaw investigated an incident involving a gopher tortoise that had been covered in paint and cement. After a thorough canvas of the area, Officer Phillips located, interviewed and received a confession from the subject responsible for the incident. The subject was cited for felony dumping and harassment of a gopher tortoise.


Officers Birchfield and Zampella were working water patrol near Boca Grande Pass. They saw two individuals on land walking back to the Gasparilla Island State Park parking lot carrying a heavy cooler and spear fishing gear. Officer Zampella docked the vessel and Officer Birchfield headed to the parking lot to conduct a resource inspection. The inspection revealed a speared, oversized 40-inch out of season snook. A total of six individuals were found spear fishing illegally within the state park and one did not have a fishing license. Multiple criminal citations were issued for the violations.


While on night patrol, Officers Kobs and Karr saw a truck driving slowly on a rural road. As the officers followed the truck they saw spotlights being shined out of the driver side and passenger side windows. After following the truck for several miles, the officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Inside the truck were three adults along with three loaded rifles all within reach of the occupants. All three guns were seized and placed in evidence. All three occupants of the truck were given a notice to appear for the display or use of a light in a place where deer might be found and in a manner capable of disclosing the presence of deer, along with the possession of firearms or other weapons customarily used for the taking of deer.


Officer Martinez was conducting wholesale and retail license inspections in the Tampa Bay area when he discovered a local bait shop was in violation. The owner did not have the necessary paperwork as required by law and was cited for the violation.

While on land patrol in Tampa, Lieutenant Van Trees saw a vehicle parked near a wooded area and believed the occupants were fishing a small pond on private property. Lieutenant Van Trees searched the area and found no one fishing but did hear people talking in the woods nearby. After waiting and watching three subjects converse at an illegal camp they had set up, Lieutenant Van Trees approached the subjects and investigated why they were trespassing. While dealing with the subjects, he discovered two of the subjects had outstanding warrants. He also discovered one subject to be in possession of methamphetamine and the other two subjects had drug paraphernalia that tested positive for methamphetamine residue. All three subjects were booked into the Hillsborough County Jail for warrants and drug charges.


Lieutenant Ruggiero and Officer Furbay saw a vehicle driving in a management area around 2:00 a.m. The vehicle traveled down a road and went out of sight. Lieutenant Ruggiero later located the vehicle and called Officers Perry and Grey who were field training in the area. When the officers approached the vehicle, they turned on their flashlights and saw two people sleeping in the back of the vehicle. The officers woke the people up, and explained to them that they were not allowed in the management area after hours, and that camping was not permitted. The driver was issued a citation for driving off-road and the passenger was issued a citation for being in the management area after hours. Both subjects were issued warnings for not possessing a valid daily use permit.


Officer Davidson was on land patrol near King Fish Boat Ramp. While on patrol he noticed a group of people fishing around the ramp. He performed a fisheries inspection to see if they had caught anything and to see if they had fishing licenses. During the inspection Officer Davidson discovered that one of the men had his fishing privileges suspended and could not legally fish. Officer Davidson cited the man criminally and he will appear in court for the violation.


While on patrol at the Anclote Boat Ramp Officer Pettifer conducted a resource inspection of a vessel. Officer Pettifer inspected a compartment with legal grunts, then opened a second compartment and saw several triggerfish. Three of the fish inspected were undersized. The individual was issued a citation for possession of undersized triggerfish.

Officer Hughes and Lieutenant Wells were on patrol off the coast of Pinellas County. The officers plotted a course to a popular offshore reef consisting of two large sunken vessels. The officers inspected several boats in the area. Officer Hughes boarded one of the vessels and located five American red snapper. The captain was cited for possession of red snapper during the closed season and undersized red snapper. On the way back to port the officers located another vessel actively fishing offshore. Lieutenant Wells boarded the vessel and inspected the coolers which were full of legal fish. Lieutenant Wells asked if there were any more fish on the vessel and both occupants said “no.” Lieutenant Wells removed a hatch in the stern of the vessel and located two gag grouper in the bilge. Gag grouper are currently closed to harvest and possession. The captain was cited for possession of gag grouper during the closed season.

Officers Phillippi and Ferguson were working at night and decided to check a South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) property where they had been getting numerous complaints about people trespassing to fish. When the officers approached the area, they saw two subjects who had illegally entered an area fenced off to the public. Upon contacting the subjects, the officers discovered the men had scaled around the fence to get to a better location to fish for snook. The subjects were cited for the misdemeanor violation.

Officer Martinez was on patrol at Honeymoon Island State Park when his vehicle was almost hit by another vehicle. Officer Martinez quickly backed up to avoid an accident and then stopped the vehicle as it swerved down the road. Upon contacting the driver, Officer Martinez recognized signs of impairment and she was subsequently arrested for DUI. The subject provided a breath sample of .089 and was booked into the Pinellas County Jail.

Officer Martinez was on patrol at the North Skyway Relief Bridge when he approached a subject to conduct a resource inspection. Officer Martinez asked the subject if he had caught anything and he was told no. Upon further inspection, Officer Martinez found a bait bucket that contained an undersized 17-inch gag grouper. Officer Martinez educated the man that gag grouper was out of season and the fish was also too small. The subject was issued a misdemeanor citation and a warning for his violations.

Officer Godfrey and Ferguson were on patrol at the North Skyway Fishing Pier when they encountered a subject who stated he didn’t have any fish and had just begun fishing. Officer Godfrey saw another subject staring intently at the officers as they spoke with the man and approached him. The Good Samaritan told Officer Godfrey that the man they just spoke with kept an undersized gag grouper, although he was told by the Good Samaritan it was against the law to do so. Officer Godfrey walked back over to the subject they had first encountered and pressed him on having any fish. It was discovered that the man had hidden an undersized and out of season gag grouper. The subject was cited for his misdemeanor violations.


Officer Dalton was on land patrol around Bay Front Park. While on patrol he found two men seine net fishing from the shoreline in the park. Officer Dalton performed a fisheries inspection and found that the men were using a seine net that was not marked with their information as required by law. Officer Dalton cited the men criminally for fishing with an unmarked seine net and they will appear in court for the violation.


Officer Stapleton attended the open house at the United States Coast Guard Station in Fort Myers Beach and spoke with over 200 boaters about boating safety issues heading into the upcoming holiday weekend. He also answered questions and provided materials to boaters to help spread the message for National Safe Boating Week.


Officer Keen and Officer Brodbeck were on water patrol on the Caloosahatchee River when they saw two subjects fishing at a weir. Seeing the officers approaching, one subject quickly reeled in his line and got into his boat. The second subject began to reel his line in as Officer Keen dropped Officer Brodbeck off on a nearby shoreline. As the first subject was attempting to pull start the vessel, the officers gave loud verbal commands for both subjects to stop. Officer Brodbeck detained both subjects for officer safety until Officer Keen secured the patrol vessel and arrived on scene. Both subjects were issued warnings for trespassing on private property and the subject who attempted to flee received multiple boating safety and resource citations and warnings.


Officer Kirkland received a tip about multiple individuals throwing a cast net in a pond and keeping all types of fish. Upon arrival, the individuals stated that they did not have any fish. After a brief search, they were found in possession of black bass and black crappie, among other nongame fish. The individual throwing the cast net admitted to catching and keeping all the fish and was cited for taking freshwater gamefish by illegal method.

Officer McLeod and Officer Rogers were conducting fisheries inspections at the Stuart Causeway. Both officers contacted a subject and noticed that he had five stone crabs. Officer McLeod explained that four of the five were undersized and that it is unlawful to harvest stone crabs in whole condition without a licensed permit. The violation also occurred during closed season. The subject was issued three resource citations and given a court appearance date. The stone crabs were returned to the water.

Officer McLeod received a call about a subject in possession of two gopher tortoises. When he arrived on scene, the subject was in the custody of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. Officer McLeod issued the subject a notice to appear in court (citation) for possession/take of two gopher tortoises. The subject was then released from custody and both gopher tortoises were returned to the safety of their burrows.

While in the Hungryland WMA, Officers Hudson, Merizio and Kirkland saw multiple vehicles mudding on the state property. All three drivers were issued citations for driving off the designated road.


Officer Webb conducted a vehicle stop in the Corbett WMA due to suspicious and unusual driving patterns that made him believe the driver might be impaired. Upon contact, he detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage from the driver. Standardized field sobriety tasks were administered and the driver was placed in custody for suspicion of DUI. The driver submitted to a lawful test of his breath and blew a .191, more than twice the legal limit. He was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail for DUI.

Officers Nasworth, Zenoniani, Kirkland and Hudson received information from a concerned citizen about two subjects cast-netting at the Canal Point Locks. The officers responded to the area and saw two subjects cast-netting on the lock. Surveillance was conducted and the officers saw the two subjects keeping game fish with the cast net and dumping non-game fish on the ground to waste. Officer Nasworth and Officer Zenoniani attempted to contact the two subjects, at which time one of the subjects fled and chase was given by Officer Nasworth. A short distance later the subject was apprehended and placed into custody. The subject admitted to cast-netting game fish and fleeing upon seeing the officers. The other subject seen by Officer Hudson cast-netting and was issued a notice to appear (citation) for cast-netting game fish. The subject that fled was arrested and taken to the Palm Beach County Jail for resisting without violence, cast-netting game fish, wanton and willful waste and possession of black crappie less than 10 inches.

Officers Brock and Grant and Investigator Coffin were on vessel patrol in the Boca Raton area. They saw a vessel proceeding down the Intracoastal Waterway that looked unusual. The vessel had numerous people in the front area which was causing it to take on water over its deck due to the heavy weight. The officers stopped the vessel for a boating safety inspection and to ensure the vessel was not at risk of sinking. Upon speaking to the operator of the vessel and observing him, Officer Brock administered field sobriety tasks (FST’s) to determine the operator’s impairment. With information gathered, the operator was placed under arrest for boating under the influence (BUI) and transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.


Officer Irwin was on patrol working a local spillway when he saw an individual walking towards a vehicle carrying a five-gallon bucket. He contacted the subject and conducted a license and resource inspection. The bucket contained three small snook and a cast net. The subject did not have any fishing rods with him, but Officer Irwin did locate several in the bed of the truck. The subject also did not have a snook permit. The smallest fish was approximately 10.5 inches long while the largest was 22 inches. Snook have a slot size harvest requirement of not less than 28 inches or more than 32 inches to possess. The subject was issued multiple citations for the violations.


Captive Wildlife Investigators Corteguera and Alford responded to a complaint regarding the illegal possession and sale of reticulated pythons. This is a highly regulated non-native conditional species of snake. One subject was found to be in possession of two reticulated pythons without the required license. The two snakes were seized and the subject was issued six misdemeanor citations and six warnings for violations regarding the possession and commercialization of the snakes.

Captive Wildlife Investigator Corteguera responded to a complaint regarding the possession of a raccoon without a license. The subject found an orphaned raccoon and brought it to a rehabilitation facility. The facility asked him to release it where he found it in hopes it would be reunited with its mother. He kept the raccoon as a pet instead. Investigator Corteguera seized the raccoon and issued three warnings for the illegal possession and related violations. The raccoon was turned over to a licensed facility.


Officers Brock and Grant were on vessel patrol in Pompano Beach. Pompano Beach Fire Rescue asked them for assistance with a medical call on a vessel. The officers were able to quickly load the paramedics onto their patrol vessel and respond to Lake Santa Barbara. Once on scene, an individual was taken onboard the patrol boat and quickly transported to shore to an awaiting ambulance.


Officers Morrow, Pecko, Cobo, and Godward, Lt. Fillip, Captain Schaeffer, Major Rondeau, and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office responded to the JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area, about a group of subjects who were lost and stuck at an unknown location in the management area since the prior evening. They advised that they had no food or water. Utilizing a GPS ping from the callers original 911 call, Duty Officer Muniz identified the subject’s possible location on a map and continued communication with the subjects while officers searched, utilizing specialized equipment, including a swamp buggy and helicopter. After several hours of searching and navigating difficult off-trail conditions, the subjects were located in good health. The subjects were educated on the importance of abiding by management area rules and the driver of the vehicle was issued a citation for operating a vehicle off-trail.


Officer Stone and Sea Turtle Biologist Koperski spoke to the Miami Beach Police Department about ATV use on the beach during nesting season. They explained the impact that certain vehicles can have on the beach and what to look out for during this season.

Officer Merizio assisted FHP with an animal assistance call. FHP received a call about a Red Belly Slider Turtle that was hit by a car on the Florida Turnpike. A Good Samaritan witnessed the turtle get hit and stopped to provide aide. Officer Merizio arrived on scene and took over care of the turtle. The turtle was transported to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary for treatment and rehabilitation.

Officer Boyd responded to a call about an alligator in the middle of the street in a Boynton Beach neighborhood. When he arrived on scene there were many concerned neighbors and three sheriff’s deputies waiting for help. Officer Boyd utilized agency training to apprehend the alligator and Officer McLeod assisted him in relocating it to a nearby wetland area.

Officer Schroer responded to a caller advising he caught a three-foot alligator that was in his front yard. The homeowner wished to have the alligator removed from the area. Officer Schroer retrieved the alligator and informed the homeowner it is a crime to possess an American Alligator unless you have a permit to do so. The homeowner was encouraged to call the nuisance alligator hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR (392-4286) if similar incidents occurred again.


Officer Cobo conducted traffic speed radar enforcement inside Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Martin County during the Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day event. Ensuring the safety of the hundreds of bike enthusiasts was the focus of the detail along with protecting the park’s robust wildlife population. Several citations for unlawful speed in a state park were issued along with warnings for violation of the state’s bike helmet law for children under 16 years of age.


FWC Officers Saavedra, Gomez, and Padilla were on park patrol in a marked unit conducting a resource inspection in Bill Baggs State Park Pier. The resource inspection revealed the defendant was in possession of one bonefish and one undersized hogfish measuring approximately 11 inches fork length. The defendant had claimed ownership of the red bucket containing the fish. The defendant was issued two misdemeanors and educated on the saltwater fishing regulations.

Captive Wildlife Investigator Smith concluded an investigation into a facility he inspected the previous month. Caging violations and animal welfare issues were documented during the inspection, resulting in two raccoons and two skunks being seized. Four misdemeanor citations were issued for the violations and the animals were placed at a licensed facility. Investigator Diaz assisted on this incident.


The OPV Trident performed federal fisheries patrol from Key West to Sombrero Reef. While underway, Officer Trueblood and Officer Foell boarded a charter fishing vessel out of Marathon Florida. During the vessel inspection the officers located red snapper inside a cooler. The officers also inspected the vessel’s licenses and permits. The charter vessel was in violation for not having a federal fisheries permit for South Atlantic snapper/grouper. The officers documented the violations and issued citations accordingly for possession of red snapper during closed season and no valid federal fisheries permit.

Officer Petru was on patrol near Carysfort Reef in Key Largo when he saw a cabin vessel coming from offshore with fishing gear visible in the rod holders. Upon conducting a resource inspection of a cooler, Officer Petru found a mutton snapper at the bottom that was fileted and measured approximately 29 inches. The captain was cited for possession of reef fish not in whole condition.

Officer Petru was checking a subject at Islamorada and saw a group that was just actively fishing begin to pack up their gear to leave. Officer Petru approached the group to conduct a resource inspection. Officer Petru conducted a computer search of all the subject’s name and DOB, and one of the men had an active warrant for failure to pay child support. After confirming the warrant and extradition through dispatch the subject was placed under arrest and taken to Plantation Key Jail.


To kick off safe boating week May 19 - May 25, 2018, Duty Officers Colon, Dunn and Roberson, along with Officers Washington and Albert participated in an outreach event at Bass Pro Shops. They interacted with the public, answering questions about boating safety and helpful resources available.

Officer Washington and Duty Officer Rao gave a presentation for career day and brought exotic wildlife. Using the non-native snakes (Ball/Burmese python), they educated 200+ students about illegal release and threats posed by invasive species, importance of pet amnesty, and selecting pets wisely.

PIC Carol Lyn Parrish did a Facebook live event from aboard a vessel with Officer Washington and Officer Dube. They talked about National Safe Boating Week and how to boat safely, discussing what you need to know when operating a boat, kayak, canoe. Over 5,000 users viewed the event.


Officers Dube and Steinmetz attended a career day at South Dade Senior High School in Homestead. Officers spent the day in individual classes promoting the FWC on law enforcement and non-law enforcement career opportunities. Officers showed a DVD on the agency along with the FWC’s mission and the requirements to become a FWC officer. Students and staff asked a lot of questions after the presentation and were very interested in FWC career opportunities.

Officer Dube was the guest host on the “Ladies Night Out” radio show at the “Green Turtle Inn” in Islamorada. Officer Dube talked about boating safety tips for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend. While on the show they also talked about dive flag safety and BUI enforcement efforts by FWC and its LE partners.

Officers McKay, Sapp, and Cobb participated in the police memorial ceremony at the Marathon Community Park. FWC officers stood at attention in front of their patrol vehicles along with FHP and Monroe County Sheriff Deputies as the Monroe County Police Explorers and Cadets, along with USCG Color Guard, honored our fallen brothers and sisters. MCSO Sheriff Rick Ramsey personally thanked each of the officers for participating and representing our agency.

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