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Horseshoe Beach
Horseshoe Beach is coming alive again.  The fishing has been good, the restaurant is now open again (where Panama Paul's store used to be) after being destroyed in the hurricane, the marina is cleaned up and open for business as well as the bar. More parking for the marina.  New folks moving into town each week.
Alas, we have sold our place there after 18 years of loving Horseshoe.  Climbing 15' of stairs is just too much for a couple of old folks, and getting out fishing is becoming work instead of fun.  So, reluctantly we sold the house and boat and golf cart.  So sad, but I think the new owners will love the place as much as we did.  We still have a lot of friends there as well as a lot where we can bring our camper so we will be back!
Yea, I hate the stair climb too, fortunately for me our place was built before the crazy codes they have now and it is only about 6' off the ground. Makes it easy to get to but unfortunately it is not high enough to utilize the underside of the house (trailer really) a nice slab under there with an 8' ceiling would be great. I'm in Steinhatchee and up the river too, so not exposed directly to the Gulf's fury.We did have 4' of water under the house when one of the storms in 2012 I think it was came through. That was a nail biter.

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