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Turkey Hunting
Well regular season opens this weekend, wish me luck, i got it handed to me last year, hope I do better this year. My hunting buddy screwed up his quota permit and got the same one i did, so we have to hunt with the masses in Tide swamp this weekend. I know there's birds in there so hopefully I can fool one into coming my way.
I passed a big gobbler on the highway in that area a couple days ago.
Well I did some scouting in the are and did see a gobbler but, during hunting season all I saw was hens, of course. Then we get 7" of rain on Monday and Tuesday which flooded out one of the spots I have had a lot of success in. Oh well, the season isn't over yet, I might get one more week end then I'll resort to a more reliable way to put meat on the table, fishing... Smile
We are blessed to have a lot of turkeys on our farm in Quincy- perhaps because we only take one or two a year.  The season here started March 15th and I finally got out hunting this week.  A first for me - two gobblers came out and attacked my gobbler decoy.  I shot one, and lo and behold the second one ignored me reloading and his buddy lying on the dirt and kept harassing the decoy.  So, I shot the second one also!  My first double.  I was so excited. Thus my season is over.  Had fresh wild turkey for dinner tonight, and next fall we will have some awesome turkey goodies to eat (wrap wild turkey strip with bacon, hold together with tooth picks, and marinate in teriyaki sauce for an hour or so, then place on the grill until done.  You can also include an onion slice in the turkey).
Yea it would be nice to have a place to hunt where the turkeys are used to seeing people, in the WMA if they see your truck a mile away they take off in flight, a little tougher to hunt. Going to try again this week end, probably the last chance I get.
Well the only thing I shot was a coyote, a pair of them came running in looking for the turkey they were hearing and I managed to get one, the other one got away. I did have one turkey come in one day from behind on my right and i turned my head too fast. He was about 25 yards out and saw me move and that was it for him. I blew it. Didn't hear much gobbling. Had one gobble at me at 11:30 and start heading my way, then I see two deer and they start looking hard at me trying to blend it but, they aren't liking it and run off snorting. oh well, maybe next year. Sad

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