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Sammy Annual fishing report: Horseshoe Beach 12/2

Last report here was May 2, 2017 so either:

1. No one is fishing

2. No one is visiting the site.

3. No one is posting.

4. All of the above.

5. Some of the above but not all.

Despite the Super Moon this weekend, the weather forecast was so spectacular we had to hit the Gulf yesterday. High tide was at 1:30, basically no wind, high 70's temperature, water temperature close to 70®. First spot we saw some birds working and started catching ladyfish immediately. We caught fish steadily all day ended up with 8 specs and a big sand trout. Caught 1 mackerel, 1 BIG bluefish, a few blackfish and a couple of pin fish. No trash fish at all. Probably caught 200 fish total, all on popping corks and jigs.

Because of the moon the water was at least 2 feet deeper than usual. The fish fed like crazy but none had anything in their stomachs.

I even caught shark chow!        
We were in Horseshoe Beach last weekend but did not have time to fish. Several of our friends did get out fishing and said the fishing was great. Lots of trout and hungry reds. I can't personally vouch for all this, but they had enough fun and success that they were going out again the next day. The weather was perfect, other than the noseeums, and the seas were flat. They said the water was still a little dirty.
The bridge on the road to the marina is being replaced as the old culvert was dying. A temporary bridge is in place a short distance away. The one lane bridge is fairly narrow and discourages some boaters from using the marina. Hopefully this is a short term problem. The county boat ramp and park were busy.
haven't been fishing in a while time I have had off I have been hunting, should have gone fishing instead. Smile

Nice Catch!

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