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Horseshoe Beach inshore 4/18
Haven't been fishing in forever various boat issues and conflicts with other stuff. Tried to go last Thursday but had a disaster when I left my wallet on the ice machine in Branford. Whoever found it was nice enough to mail me it back. I got it on Monday. Everything was there except for some $300 in cash which apparently was compensation for him to mail it back . The only thing useful In the wallet was my Sam's Club card .

Anyway, today was just ideal. High tide was at 8 o'clock Low at one; wind from the southeast at 5 knots all day except late in the afternoon when it switched over to the west . Water temperature was 78 1/2°.

Despite long period of no use the big Johnson started right up and we headed out to do some trout fishing . Stopped in the middle of nowhere and started catching fish immediately and kept doing it all day long . Vast majority of the fish were short; we ended up with eight keeper trout , a big mackerel, and about a 3 pound Pompano on a popping cork! I jumped about a 40 inch Cobia which got off immediately due to a broken line . We didn't catch any lizard fish or any gurnards and no pig fish but we caught just about everything else in the water. We certainly caught well over hundred fish all day.

Just a beautiful day on the water was really glad to get out .
Glad you could get out.  I'm trying to get back out, but have a roofer preparing to replace roof so may have to wait awhile.

How was the water clarity?

(Back from a 10 day trip to Argentina)

Super clear up towards Pepperfish. Stained but not too badly south of there.

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