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If it feels good, do it omelet.
I just looked up Omelet in the dictionary. Omelet =s "Beaten egg pancake." Soooo, beaten eggs =s omelet. Dad had a theory about Omelets. He made them with whatever sounded good at the moment in them.

I tried chocolate chips once and, while tasty, it didn't "feel" like an omelet to me.

Lately, I have been adding a Tsp of various salad dressings as I beat the eggs. Yesterday I used Peppercorn Ranch and today I used Ken's Greek. The Peppercorn Ranch was pretty doggone good. Of course, I used shredded Cheddar Cheese and some Mozzarella too. Gotta have cheese for me.

I much prefer "real" cheese and always buy shredded for omelet making. I sometimes buy little bottles of real bacon bits to add to my omelet.
A little Salsa is a good addition. I often whip a little Cajun or Creole seasoning into the beaten eggs.
Saute diced onions and green peppers and add them to omelets. Sauteed onions and green peppers will keep in the fridge for several days so you can saute a bunch ahead of time to make breakfast prep faster and easier.

I buy hot home made sausage at the Inglis Food Ranch. They make it fresh each week and theirs is about the best around. If you can't get to Food Ranch, Jimmy Dean's hot sausage is good too. Fry it crisp ad break it up into tiny bits, drain and store a bunch in a Tupperware container. It will keep several days this way but it doesn't last long with me around. Add a Tsp of this to your Omelet.

If you live way up north, say above Tally, next spring, pull up some wild onions from your yard. These suckers are strong but they taste mighty fine when sauteed. When you pull them, don't wash them off or remove stems or roots. Store them in the vegetable bin of your fridge in a plastic bag. Clean them as you use them. They will keep for at least 2 months.

Let your imagination run wild when making omelets. Sometimes you strike out but even my worst concoctions were still edible.

Originally posted by capt ken 10/24/2006

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