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Gator Hunt report 3rd phase
A week ago during the 3rd week of gator season, my son Casey & I hooked up with our nephew James who knows the Upper St Johns River Basin well. Once High School was out on Friday we headed south to Palm Bay, FL. Friday night we hooked and brought to the boat three gators ranging from 7 to almost 9 foot but we were holding out for a 10 footer. Towards the end of the morning we finally hooked into a good gator but as we started to work it the braid parted and we lost it before we could put a second hook into it.
The second night we decided to start later and hunt till daylight. At midnight as we were getting ready to head out there was a large storm heading to our hunt area so stayed home but by 0230 hrs it dissipated and we headed out. The first gator we brought to the boat (~ 0600 hrs) was a good gator and we decided to work it up.
[Image: P1050881-XL.jpg]
Starting out
[Image: P1050931-XL.jpg]
Primitive harpoon  but it works (we have two)
[Image: P1050885-XL.jpg]
Gators we released
[Image: P1050886-XL.jpg]
[Image: P1050896-XL.jpg]
Snagged in the foot this one was difficult to bring to bring up until we got a second line in it. We decided that we would take this one.
[Image: P1050897-XL.jpg]
Harpoon in
[Image: P1050899-XL.jpg]
Business end…..
[Image: P1050898-XL.jpg]
357 caliber bangstick ready
[Image: P1050900-XL.jpg]
Not cooperating
[Image: P1050901-XL.jpg]

[Image: P1050907-XL.jpg]
[Image: P1050927-XL.jpg]
Great harpoon shot
[Image: P1050928-XL.jpg]
[Image: P1050930-XL.jpg]
[Image: P1050939-XL.jpg]
[Image: P1050952-XL.jpg]
James (left) & Casey with Casey’s largest to date….9 foot 5 inches
[Image: P1050956-XL.jpg]
That’s his braces smile…..
[Image: P1050969-XL.jpg]
Anytime you can do outdoor adventures with your kid (s) it’s a good thing!

Hoo Yah!!
Nice job.
When will Nat Geo put you and son as gator tater?
As usual, Casey has experienced more than 99% of thee population..
Awesome and outstanding.

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