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Cedar Key kings & macs: 4/30
Wahoo! Finally no soccer games this weekend and we can finally go to Cedar Key! On top of this the Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club was having their annual Cobia & Mac tournament and we were gonna get to play. So Friday after school the kids & I headed over to CK to do some near shoring trolling for macs and maybe find a cobia. Our 19 foot Whaler [i]Plan B[/i hadn’t been run for a while so we were all looking forward to this. Saturday morning on the way out we saw Spanish macks jumping in the channel so we quickly trolled 2 lines for about 5 minutes but no takers. On the way out we also hit a few markers for cobia but no one was around either. Heading west we followed a line of stone crab pots but didn’t see any tripletail. In 24 feet we ran into bait pods and started here. Within 10 minutes we had the first king.
[Image: P1050165-X2.jpg]
It’s always girls first so………
This fish wouldn’t come to the boat and we knew it wasn’t large so we figured it was fowl hooked…which it was - behind the throat. Fishing small wire and thin hooks Kaitlyn took her time bringing it in.
[Image: P1050166-X2.jpg]
From here we tried to get some live bait but did not have the heavier pogy net so that didn’t work.
[Image: P1050164-X2.jpg]
[Image: P1050171-X2.jpg]
Casey’s king on a small lure
[Image: P1050173-X2.jpg]
Pretty lil gag
[Image: P1050174-X2.jpg]
Kaitlyn getting a bit irritated of my photo taking…………
[Image: P1050175-X2.jpg]
2nd king for Kaitlyn
With three small kings on board we ran over to Sea Horse Reef to try & pick up some bigger Spanish by trolling but we only managed a number of ladyfish and one Spanish. There were quite a few boats on the reef though. As were bait pods in 12 – 17 feet.
[Image: P1050178-X2.jpg]
Some of the fish
It was a great day on the water! Water temp was 77 degrees and on the outgoing tide there was no surface weed which made for trouble free trolling. Four or 5 hours later a friend was in the same area and said the surface grass made it impossible for trolling. On the way back we ran a line of stone trap pots but didn’t find any tripletails.
Nice job, those kings are prefect for smoking.
So is April THE MONTH?
(01-25-2017, 09:14 PM)Cat Man Wrote: So is April THE MONTH?

April is always wide open!!
kool that is
Very nice. They have grown so much.

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